New Zealand is in “el infierno”

When we first opened a few months ago, my husband had the idea of creating the “linea del mundo” pole.  For eachDirections new guest we have from a different country, Cele adds a new arrow with the distance and direction to the country.

Until December, the pole was pretty, well, sad, since it only had two arrows on it.  There it sat.  It was, indeed, a random pole, at the front of our building, well, in the middle of a small town, with the durable wood that Cele made sure he made it out of (Chaeli – it will not rot for 20 years!).  Now, if you are in a relationship, you know that you support your partner’s ideas at crucial times, like when you go out on a limb and start a business.  Linea del Mundo!  OK – sure! But, well,  I was having my doubts. But, I’m getting more excited about it-six arrows!  For me personally, it’s showing that our business is growing-slowly but surely.

And once the arrows begin to age, Cele says it will add a bit of personality to the pole as well (yes, I believe that is an excuse not to varnish the arrows).

The only issue I see, is that, well, New Zealand is straight through hell.