The orchid and Cele

Orchid in front of Hotel Coffee Mountain InnSanta Fe is an orchid enthusiast’s dream, and not too bad if you’re an orchid quasi-enthusiast-think-they’re-pretty person either. Santa Fe hosts an annual orchid festival every August with hundreds of varieties in the forests around Santa Fe.  Websites differ on estimates of species (300, 400, 1200), regardless who is right, there are a lot of types.

My husband, who worked his childhood on a farm, has bought a couple of orchids last weekend to place around the inn.  A lady from a nearby town searches and harvests them from the area, and he went over on the weekend to buy a couple.  Why?  Because he thinks they’ll make me happy. So, I’m loving them.

Now here’s the thing, I’ve read that there are two types of orchids – the epiphytes that grow on trees and terrestrial that grow in the ground.  I’m looking at these and suspect that they are the epiphytic ones-why, well to me they look like the Oncidium genus.  Anyone know?

So,if they’re epiphytic, how good will they do planted in the clay ground around our inn?  Hmmm…well let’s see how good this farmboy is – at getting them to grow/survive. He’s got them staked.  And if there is someone that can make something grow by determination, that’s Cele.

Update: Me of little faith

Cele says he doesn’t have them planted but on dead wood within the planting box.  Farmboy strikes again!