We have our first Coffee Beans! Now what?

Coffee Beans

So, they say it takes three years from planting to when your coffee bushes start producing.  We planted about a year ago. We now have our first beans.

I am not prepared.  There is equipment for you to pulp, dry, & roast coffee and we can sell to the coffee cooperative, but this crop is so small, that I thought we’d try home processing.

My mother-in-law started telling me how they harvested, cured, roasted and ground their own coffee when she was younger.  A half hour later, she was still talking about the process.

Maybe it’s time for her to come up and visit.



It’s a dog, it’s a sloth, it’s an ….anteater?

Cele got up yesterday to dogs barking. When he looked out, there was an ….anteater crossing the street and going down to the creek that runs behind our place! Says it was a bit bigger than a dog with black and white spots. I wish we got a picture-hope it stays around and perhaps dines on some of the leaf cutter ants on our grounds.

We’re changing in seasons now from the dry season to the wet season. That may be the reason that we’re seeing animals not normally in town. We’ve also noticed more Aracaris (kind of like mini-Toucans) flying around.

A little fire never hurt anyone…much

Yesterday we saw about 25 people from businesses throughout Santa Fe come together for a communityTerminal clean up.  We broke up into small groups and worked until about 11 AM.  With the exception of one small fire that burned through a water pipe, it was a good success with over 100 bags of trash collected.

Participants included:

  • Hotels out in force including us -Coffee Mountain Inn, Hotel Santa Fe, Casa Mariposa and Hotel Anachoreo.  Cele says that the folks from Casa Mariposa blew folks away with their hard work.
  • Both Bus Companies of Santa Fe sent representatives
  • Restaurants, including the restaurante del terminal
  • Stores
  • One Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Local government

…and Cele forgot to take pictures.