Exploring Santa Fe, Panama Trails, Part 2

Second Waterfall, Alto de Piedra

Second Fall, Alto de Piedra
Second Fall, Alto de Piedra

There are a series of three waterfalls at Alto de Piedra.  The second is my favorite, and the hardest and most dangerous to get to.  The waterfall is made up of four mini waterfalls, cascading about 80-100ft to the forest below.  Beautiful!

How to get there:

The safest way to get to the waterfalls is to take the trail to the first waterfall, described in the previous post.  About 100ft before you reach the first waterfall, there is a footpath from the main trail, leading upwards.  Take this trail, and follow for about 8 minutes and you will reach the falls.  I just was on this trail today. Be very careful, it is very muddy, narrow, not maintained and with very steep drop offs. There are areas where you will need to grab on to roots to balance yourself, and you should wear boots.  If you have poor balance or mobility issues, this trail is not for you.

TRAIL LENGTH FROM TRAILHEAD: Approx 800m; Plan 1 hr for a round trip visit to the second waterfall.