How we fought a valient battle (or Cele gets air conditioning installed)

We’ve been wanting to get air conditioning for our hotel rooms for a while – but didn’t have, according to the electrical plans – enough amps. Tons of paperwork later, a new approved plan for a new transformer and eight new posts in Santa Fe (come on now, really?  this needed?), a couple of letters from local Santa Fe politicians, 3 visits to a neighboring province’s capital,  2 visits to our regional capital, Santiago, a few grumbled conversations about bureaucrats, and a couple months later (phew), AND WE HAVE A NEW TRANSFORMER.  Wait, you didn’t catch my excitement?  Not blown away by the picture  – come on now.

Well, you’ll get excited about this – we got air conditioning installed in three of our rooms -woo hoo!   Of course, the price of electricity is about double that in the states.  I dread the electric bills.

And the end product - air conditioning (or aire in Spanish)
And the end product – air conditioning (or aire in Spanish)
Utility Line with new Transfomer
New Transformer