Horseback tours, the horse, and little one

Our horseback ride to Bermejo Falls is one of the most popular tours we offer.  Since we leave from the inn, we have the horses here and ready beforehand (hopefully…unless one has wandered off in the pasture and refuses to be caught, which also happens….).  Our son is one, and loves visiting the horses!  Since they are not here every day, it can be a surprise when they are here.  Take a look at the time series – as he spots the horses and then mounts them!  I think most of us have the same feeling as we go out on a horseback adventure-though we may not show it as much: What’s that? Really a Horse! I can get up.  Hey I’m up. Hey this is fun! Now I’m confident!   Cele, my husband, guided this tour, thus the camo pants.

Time step 1: He spots the horse
Photo 1
Photo 2
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