May, the month of the mango

Source: Purdue Horticulture Dept

The mangoes you may buy in supermarkets in the states are poor imitations of the sweetness, tanginess, juiciness of mangoes harvested locally.  If you go to eat a mango, smell it, if you can’t smell it, it’s not worth eating.

When I first live in Panama, over a decade ago, I arrived in the month of May, the month when many fruits like mangoes and avocados start ripening. Children wander around with “mango mouth” the tell-tale rash around the mouth that come from eating mangoes too early or too much, or just having a reaction to urushiol, the poison oak compound found in the leaves of the mango.

Try some different kinds of mangoes.  In any small town, you will find several types of mango trees…mango redondo, mango pelado, mango aguacate…it would not be uncommon to have over 20 classes of mangoes in one small town.