Reasons why moving to Santa Fe, Veraguas may be for you.

This post is part of a two-part series  on buying real estate and retiring in Santa Fe, Panama from the point of view of people who, aren’t involved in the industry.  Why? Sometimes it’s nice to have another point of view.  Here you get two.

I tend to think that the prices are high, infrastructure is scarce, and there are unintended social consequences (read entire article), while my husband Cele thinks it could be a good idea for the adventurous, friendly, and younger retirees.

Here are Cele’s top  reasons for retiring in Santa Fe:

1) Great weather

Turtle hanging out, waiting for breakfast
Flowers near walkway

If you’re looking to retire in Panama, you can’t beat Santa Fe’s weather.  At a bit over 2,000 ft, Santa Fe’s  weather is noticeably cooler than the baking heat of the lowlands. We like that it is warmer and sunnier than Boquete.  Lately, highs have been in the 80s and lows in the upper 60s to lower 70s.  It rains quite a bit, even in dry season, so our landscaping and surroundings are green, lush, and happy.  The climate helps with our gardening.  We have passion fruits trellacing our inn’s walls, pineapples in the yard, mango, and of course, coffee plants.

2) Friendly Community

People tend to be friendly and welcoming.

3) Outdoor Adventure

You can’t get a better location for the outdoors. We’re next to the National Park, but lower in elevation, so the climate is warmer and less cloudy.  You could easily grab a 4×4 and head up to the park, or go for a hike to the rivers, swimming pools or waterfalls.

4) You want to take a risk and make an investment in a developing area.

There are more people buying in Santa Fe.  Prices are not cheap, but the area is growing.  You could make an investment, and if the area continues to grow, re-sell.

5) You want to do something a bit off-beat

We recently had a guest who wanted to establish a sustainable organic farm,  live off the land, without modern conveniences.  She found the perfect location for doing this in the mountains surrounding Santa Fe.