Stories from the Campo – If it’s raining fish, why don’t I catch any?

When Cele was a kid, he was told that it rained fish in May and June. During this time, he’d go to the local swimming holes, and no fish, but year, after year, and after the rain, the fish would suddenly appear! His dad, like many campesinos, thought the fish fell with the rain. (“And they fall fully grown!”) Well, in other places they talk about it raining cats and dogs. Anyway.

So, Cele was thinking, well, why can’t I just go outside and catch a fish. So, one day, he went out to check this out during a downpour, went down to the creek and, over a small waterfall, saw the fish swimming up, jumping up the falls to the pools. Ahh-so that’s how they get there. (His dad didn’t believe him when he told him either). His parents today, when it rains hard, say “It’s raining sardines today”.