The four bands for the 2013 Feria de Santa Fe, Veraguas

I love small town celebrations and dances in Panama. With Panamanian tipico music, live bands with tour buses travel all over the country, playing at dances in the interior towns, and growing into celebrities.  You can dance tipico late until the night – the steps are like a fast 2 step, country western dance.

During the Feria de Santa Fe (30 Jan – 4 Feb), there are four groups playing, and I thought this would be a good place to highlight the bands.

Friday, February 1st. Abdiel Camarena

Abdiel Camarena – 2007 Accordian Champion. Photo Source:

I’ve not heard Abdiel Camarena play, but he has the nickname “The Pony”.  I’m kind of curious about the nickname, but this native Veraguense has talent -won Panama’s accordian contest in 2007.

Check him out here.  Video

2. Saturday, February 2nd. Herminio Rojas

Herminio Rojas, Source: El Siglo

Herminio Rojas and his band have been playing professionally for over 20 years.  Quite popular. They have quite a following.  Some of his most popular songs contain double entendres, including the Delicious Mint.

Sunday, February 3rd. Joselito Quintero

I’m not familiar with Joselito Quintero. 

Monday, February 4th. Ulpiano Vergara

One of the most popular (and according to some, the favorite) musicians for tipico in Panama. Like Herminio, he has been playing professionally for years.  UPDATE, ULPIANO WILL NOT BE THERE, SIGH…